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Cromosoma Cinco


Documentary  |  2013  |  Drama  |  1h 02 min

Original Title: Cromosoma Cinco
Director: Maria Ripoll, Lisa Pram (co-director)
Writer: Maria Ripoll, Lisa Pram, Ana Navarro
Starring: Raül Tortosa (doctor’s voice)
Music Department: Sergi Cameron
Produced by: Cahuenga Filmmakers

Sinopsis: This story begins with Andrea being born. She is premature, beautiful and different. Her parents start a search that lasts more than a year, trying to get a response and a diagnosis. Lisa Pram, her mother, writes the Little Black Book, a very personal book with texts, drawings and photographs. Chromosome 5 is based on this intimate diary. This is a story of loss and encounter. Andrea is later diagnosed with a rare syndrome called 5p or Cri du Chat. She has lost a small part of her Chromosome 5 and Lisa finds a new way of seeing and accepting light and life.

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